Work with Us

“The only limits are, as always, those of vision.”

Work with Us

G&G is a great place to work. Just check out with any employee or ex-employee or even an articled trainee. So many of our articled trainees have chosen to stay on and work with us. And many have risen to become partners. We think this talks about us and them.

We offer a great work culture which brings in the joy of working, and learning.

We are unusually open and transparent.

Initiative and ownership are encouraged, prized and rewarded.

You get to work on a variety of services and projects, with a variety of clients. We ensure that, so you dona??t jade or get bored.

If you wish to learn a particular skill, join a course or do something new a?? we not only encourage you, but also find ways to make it happen.

You will find partners dropping by at your desk and have a chat a?? the atmosphere is down to earth and people are approachable. You spend all your day at work and your colleagues become your friends, and a part of your extended family.

If you take initiative and ownership, you are likely to grow with the firm a?? and grow fast.
We are also a favored firm for articled trainees.

So, if you are looking for a challenging career in the profession, or wish to undergo articled training, write to us at with your resume and an indication of the position you are looking at.