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Useful Info

We have created, collected many documents and information which we think may be useful to you. All these are put up under various sections here.

Please feel free to explore, read and understand these.

Please note that the information given here is collected or created to the best of our knowledge and ability with a view to give you general guidance and overview about the subject in hand. It is not meant to be treated as professional guidance for your specific case or situation. You should be using this only as first or preliminary information and take decisions about your issue or case only with appropriate professional guidance.

Please also remember that the law, interpretation of the law, the regulations and such other things change frequently. Some of these changes may impact the information already put up. All the information may not be, therefore, correct or current always. This is yet another reason you must seek professional guidance before taking any action in your case.

We have put up the information here bonafide with a view to help you understand the issues. However, we offer no warranty of any kind if you use this info and would be not liable to you if you take action based on these, in any manner whatsoever. If you use this information, it is understood that you accept this condition.